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Commitment Level Expectation

Our program works because you participate in all its parts: Ground School, Maintenance and Events which then give you the foundation for flying. We want people who will commit to the whole program, and attend at least half of the meetings and events per month, and flying at least 1 hour per month. 

Realistically speaking, to learn to fly before graduating from High School you must plan to fly far more than the minimum!  A well rounded exposure to careers in aviation is our goal, and your Private Pilot’s license before HS graduation can be yours!

Meetings and Events

Some "Ground School" things we learn

  • Basic aerodynamics

  • Instruments, engine and systems

  • Airports, Air Traffic Control & Airspace

  • Federal Aviation Regulations

  • Weather

  • Navigation, charts and publications

  • Radio communications

  • Cross-country flight planning

Some "Maintenance" things we learn
  • Changing oil and filters

  • Compression checks

  • Wheel and tire maintenance

  • Riveting and drilling-out rivets

  • Fabric covered flight surfaces

  • Stripping and painting 

  • Interior reupholstering

  • Servicing oleo struts

Enrichment Events

In the Fall, we enjoy a Family Fun Day with a picnic together and give rides to parents and siblings.  In the Spring we support Falcon Field Airport's Open House.


Throughout the year we try to do some sort of “aviation enrichment” event – like visiting the Pima Air and Space Museum, or a helicopter factory, or the Air National Guard Base, or a major airline maintenance facility!   Tons of fun.   These events are open to other family members and friends.

Many of us go to Oshkosh AirVenture in Wisconsin for a full week in July, camping out at the Explorer Base Camp and volunteering for a few hours each day.   A fantastic experience!  

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